June 1, 2006

Blue Bell, My Love

Austin locals love Amy's Ice Creams, but I'm still loyal to my childhood favorite, Blue Bell. Perhaps it's because I'm a pig and would rather have a gigantic bowl of Blue Bell instead of a tiny cup of Amy's much-too-rich, must-puke, high-fat ice cream. All that fat coats my tongue and masks the flavors. Also, I still have not tasted a Cookies and Cream as good as Blue Bell's.

NY Times recently wrote a nice article singing the praises of my favorite Texas ice cream.

But Blue Bell is not all hat and no cattle, as they say of some things and some people in Texas. With clean, vibrant flavors and a rich, luxuriant consistency achieved despite a butterfat content a little lower than some competitors, it hooks you from the first spoonful. Entirely and blessedly absent are the cloying sweetness, chalky texture and oily, gummy aftertaste that afflict many mass-manufactured ice creams.

Posted by yi at June 1, 2006 10:51 AM
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