January 4, 2006

Le Marseillais

Austinites that frequent the West Lake Farmer's Market might be familiar with Eric and Martine Pelegrin's French terrines and rich pates. One of my favorites was a special mushroom liver pate. No one makes liver, mushrooms, shallots and cream taste better.

The couple has recently started a weekly home delivery service. You provide the iced cooler and they drop off homemade French inspired entrees and sides at your door la Soup Peddler. Entrees are $25 and feed up to 4. Other sides, specialties and desserts range from $4-20. If they don't deliver in your area, you can also pick up.

Check out the weekly menu and place your orders at www.bistrolemarseillais.com.

I've not had the luxury to try their delivery service, being out of their delivery area and all. Until I pick up an order one day, leave a comment or review of the food if you have!

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